Shawn & Landis

Shawn Pfarner

Original Founder/Co-Owner/Production

Me and the Kids

Tyler Hawkins

Co-Owner/Business Development

This all started over fishing and beer.  Now it supports our outdoor life style!  Thank you to the whole Bay Life Community!!!

Bay Life isn’t just a brand, it’s a life style shared by residents and visitors in the Maryland, Virginia, DC and Delaware region.  It’s our way of life, the base of our economy and a passion felt by millions.  Whether it’s fishing, crabbing, hunting, oystering, bow-fishing, local dock bars or crackin’ cold ones at a boat tie up, it’s our passion to spend as much time as possible around the Chesapeake Bay.  We work hard during the week to support our weekend lifestyle with friends and family.

The inspiration for “Bay Life” was dreamed up in 2017 around a campfire after a long day of rock fishing on the Chesapeake with good friends plenty of cold brew.  Not only are we trying to build a great brand, but we want to give back to our community and improve the health of the bay so our children can enjoy the same natural luxuries.  Bay Life has partnered up with local non-profit organizations that focus on Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts and a portion of ALL proceeds go towards these organizations.  Currently we work with Kent Island Beach Clean-Ups, a non-profit organization focusing on beach clean-up efforts in the Chesapeake to reduce plastics and rubbish in the bay.

From all of us here at Bay Life, thanks for supporting our brand and keeping the Chesapeake Bay lifestyle going.  Cheers!!

Feel free to contact us to learn more or for custom orders/sponsorship opportunities.