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Who We Are


Shawn Pfarner Co-Owner | Production

Tyler Hawkins Co-Owner/Marketing/ Production

Tyler Hawkins Co-Owner/Marketing/ Production

It all started in a little campground called Craft Haven in the small town of Carpenter's Point, MD sitting by a fire enjoying some beer with great friends, I came up with an idea to create a

"Bay Life" idea that would be unique to the Chesapeake Bay. The love of the Chesapeake that runs through this small community is out of this world and everyone backed my idea and

pushed me to make the extraordinary happen.  Then came the time to sit down and design a logo that solely represents what we are about.  After many hours of creating a design I just had to make the "Chesapeake Bay" the focal point of the idea. I took the design to my friends at the

campground and immediately I was surrounded by people gawking over a design, yet so simple, unlike like anything out there, but tells a story

that everyone along the bay can relate with.

I couldnt have done this without the support of my wife Landis, and my 4 children Landon, Skylar, Willow & Winter! I love fishing on the Chesapeake and spent a lot of

time in my childhood in Duck Neck Campground along the Chester River and crabbing in Rock Hall, MD. I am now passing on my love of the

Chesapeake to my children. We spend

countless hours boating, fishing, and just relaxing on an island in the Chesapeake.

Bay Life Apparel is a company that loves giving back to the community and cleaning up the Bay one beach or shoreline at a time. We are devoted to doing our part in preserving the greatest estuary in the world.


Tyler Hawkins Co-Owner/Marketing/ Production

Tyler Hawkins Co-Owner/Marketing/ Production

Tyler Hawkins Co-Owner/Marketing/ Production

Originally I was a customer of Bay Life and everywhere I went, strangers would stop and compliment the Bay Life shirt I was wearing or would ask where I got the decal on my vehicle.  My background is in medical sales/retail sales so after hearing this enough times, my marketing brain kicked in and I knew then I had to be part of this up and coming brand. 

 I'm a proud father of two and spend most of my free time either on the boat, dockside at my favorite restaurants or at a local Chesapeake Bay beach with my family and dog.  

The passion I feel towards the Chesapeake Bay is shared with millions of residents throughout the Mid-Atlantic.  I'm truly blessed to be a part of this nautical community and hope you feel as passionate about the Bay Life lifestyle as we do!